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How to wear it 

One of the most exciting features of the BritKali collection, is the option of interchanging any of the bracelet options with your id tag. You can be wearing the nylon cording one day, and the next day you could be sporting a chunkier metal option. Each bracelet has interchangeable clasps to attach to the ID tag. All of the bracelets options inclusive of chain link, nylon cording, and leather can be worn with any ID tag.

Inserting your Fitbit is simple

  1. To insert the Fitbit device into the ID tag, you open the lid and place the device into the opening.
  2. Once the Fitbit is in the secure box, you close the lid. There are two magnetics on each side of the id tag to help secure that the bracelet stays closed.

Metal chain link options

You attach each clasp to each side of the ID tag.

Nylon cording or Leather wrap options

You attach one side of the rope/leather to the id tag with the clasp. Then you wrap the cording or leather around your wrist about 4 times depending on the size of your wrist. Then attach the second clasp to the other side of the id tag accordingly.

Please note, while working out it is highly recommended to still use the Fitbit rubber bands. The BritKali jewelry collection is more for everyday wear and not recommended for rigorous exercise.